Enjoy our lab safety infographic on how you can prevent lab accidents. Learn more about lab safety supplies from Cen-Med Enterprises. No amount of acting safely can discount the need for the proper safety equipment while handling dangerous materials. If a member of your team refuses to protect themselves they are doing more than putting their own well-being at risk – they are also diminishing the productivity of the entire group. Not everyone is going to be equally educated in lab safety, but the following information can be understood and helpful to anyone.

Thousands of laboratory accidents are reported annually, some of which involving severe bodily harm. It’s for this reason that trained professionals work tirelessly to create and test the best lab safety gear. Safety Goggles, for example, should be located in every lab you find yourself in.If you are working in a laboratory there’s a strong chance that you’re doing so with others. Research and practice should be a group experience whenever possible. Not only does it help produce clearer, more accurate results, but working alone can be dangerous. If something happens to you while in the lab alone, the chances that you will receive the help you need are drastically reduced. Having a partner means having someone else to gauge your own safety.

Lab Safety